Hi Everyone,

My name is Joan, and I am an obsessed knitter. I also enjoy other fiber arts – crochet, embroidery, sewing, machine embroidery mostly. I learned to knit from my Mum and my Grandma at about eight. Although I knitted for my family, it wasn’t until my first grandchild was on the way, that I became captivated with the possibilities of knitting. That was 10 years and several hundred projects ago. I found knitting fitted easily in to my busy lifestyle –

  • I can knit while I have my first cup of coffeeJoanmsmallfile2
  • I can knit while watching television or videos, or listening to audiobooks or podcasts
  • I can knit while visiting with my knitting friend, or my long suffering relatives
  • I can knit while I Skype my sister I can knit in the car whenever I am a passenger
  • I can knit while waiting for appointments, instead of stressing out about how much time I am wasting.
  • I can knit while flying, and while waiting for take-off

I started using the internet to find information and learn new techniques. It has been such a wonderful journey, that I would like to share some of what I have learned with this website.

The aim of this site to assist beginner knitters, as well as those who are more experienced, to improve their skills, and try new techniques, to enhance their knitting experiences.

Over time we will discuss techniques such as various methods of casting on and off, how to fix mistakes, how to read patterns and charts, and how to knit lace, cables, fair isle, intarsia, and color knitting to mention a few.

Some other topics I would like to discuss are garment construction and fitting, customising existing patterns, knitting tools and accessories, book recommendations, and where to access free patterns In time, on the site, there will be free patterns, patterns for sale, ebooks and videos.

I believe that good knitting techniques are essential for your enjoyment of both the process and product of your knitting. When the process of knitting is going well, it provides hours of relaxed pleasure, while satisfaction with the finished result gives a sense of achievement.

This said, I rarely follow every step of a published pattern. I like to personalise and adapt patterns, or design my own creations. I hope to be able to share these skills through my website.

I am on Ravelry as Joanm