Here I am again, dishing up my knit and purl video, but since my last website went down, it seems logical to repost them.

This video continues the series of skills for beginning knitters, or other knitters who would like to improve their knitting skills. This method of holding the yarn, helps to ensure even tension – a key element in producing items with the correct measurements. Most knitting patterns are based on the knit stitch, and the purl stitch. Combining them in variations leads to the huge variety of knitting stitch patterns.

Ribbing in Knitting

Ribbing is a recurring combination of knit and purl stitches which is used for many purposes.

The most common is K1, P1 which is the best for returning to size after stretching.

1x1 rib knit

K1 P1 ribbing

K2, P2 is also widely used, especially for hats, and all over ribbed garments.

2x2 rib hat

K2 P2 ribbed hat

Some knitters prefer the K2, P1 rib, which they say is best for socks. There are many other variations, such as K3, P3 or broken rib. It is a two row pattern – K1, P1 for one row, then knit the next row – then repeat.

broken rib beanie

Broken rib beanie

If you are a new knitter, remember take the yarn to the back and then to the front between changes of stitch, otherwise you will end up with holes and lots more stitches.

I always find ribbing a little tedious, so I like to distract myself. I knit it while watching tv, or as a “take along project”. Any mistakes are immediately obvious, because you knit over a knit stitch from the row before, and purl over the purl bumps.

Where do we use ribbing?

  • As bands around wrists, necks, heads and hips, so the garment will fit snugly, but be elastic enough to stretch over larger parts. Take care to cast off tops of socks and neck ribs loosely.         (Yes, I have unpicked many rib cast offs which were too tight.) Usually rib is knitted with a smaller size needle than for the body of the garment.
  • As a decorative element – check a stitch dictionary for many ideas for interesting ribs.
  • rib knit baby dress

    Rib Knit Baby Dress Veronica Manno

    rib knit dress

    Strapless Top by Monique Rae

  • An all over ribbed garment will fit snugly to all the curves of the body, without having to do complicated shaping

    rib knit dress

    Great Gatsby Dress Mari Lynn Patrick

  • Sometimes ribbing is used at the waist only for fit. At the edges of items and garments to give a neat, non rolling finish

    rib knit girl dress

    Twist and Shout Peggy Favorite

  • A smocking effect can be achieved by sewing panels of rib together at intervals.
knit rib smock effectSmocking Tutorial by betzwhite

Check my Pinterest board for examples of knit and purl stitch patterns and items.

On my needles

red yoke cardiThe red yoke cardigan is lurching towards completion. I think I have knitted this twice over because I have frogged it multiple times. The last frogging was the rib down the front. After I cast it off, I decided there were not enough stitches on the yoke part. Hopefully, the end is in sight.

Happy Knitting.  Methods of Knitting The two main techniques of knitting are called Continental - where
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